Friday, June 18, 2010

Daniel Craig is James Bond in... GOLDENEYE?

Without question, RARE's Goldeneye 64 from the 90s is one of the great video games. A hugely popular title on the old Nintendo 64 platform, it is widely-regarded as the definitive first-person "shooter" of its era and not only sold millions of game cartridges, but Nintendo consoles as well. It also kicked off a series of 007 shooters from different developers, none of which matched its smooth gameplay, immersive environments and superb storytelling. And although the version of Bond in the game didn't possess the specific likeness of film star Pierce Brosnan, it was clear that it was based on him physically.

Well, the N64 system is long-gone (although I still play mine every once in a while), and apparently, someone feels that it's time to revisit the Goldeneye franchise and update it for the mega-popular Wii platform. From the trailer below, it appears to be the same basic game, with the same levels and story, just enhanced with more detailed graphics and some improved AI. Oh yeah, and the character of Bond is portrayed by Daniel Craig.


Maybe it's my nostalgia for the original game, or maybe it's because I remember how Brosnan was so instrumental in the success of the 007 franchise back in the 90s, at a time when many people thought the character was irrelevant in a post-Cold War world, and many were speculating that the franchise itself had run its course... but I find it personally offensive that the powers-that-be seem to want to erase Pierce from the history books. (Of course, it may simply be that I prefer Brosnan over Craig as Bond anyway.)

Thanks to fellow C.O.B.R.A.S. HMSS for the head's up.

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Anonymous said...

It's a bizarre choice and one that is strangely at odds with the whole concept of revisiting a nostalgic title.

What's even more fascinating about this is that, legally, they are not allowed to remake Goldeneye. The game's rights are tied up among several different companies, which is why the story had to be altered and the levels redesigned.

It just doesn't make a lot of sense. They're basically trying to cash in on the brand name of a title from two videogame generations ago, despite already having an even bigger brand name to slap on the box: James Bond.

But then, I also prefer Brosnan over Craig and hate all the revisionism that fans and EON have tried to perpetuate over the last five years. Maybe it's because I've experienced the role changing hands more than once, but I don't believe you have to discredit the previous Bonds in order to support the current one.