Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Intel: IF LOOKS COULD KILL Available on DVD from Warners Archive

The 1991 spy-fi spoof, If Looks Could Kill (a/k/a Teen Agent) starring Richard Grieco, Burn Notices's Gabrielle Anwar and Linda Hunt, is finally available on DVD, albeit from Warner Archive, Warner Brothers' "manufacture-on-demand" service.

According to their website, this high quality DVD-R is presented in full-frame (same as the old VHS) release, and has no extra features.

It's a fun spoof of the 007 series, with a number of cool action set-pieces of its own. I don't much care for Grieco, but the rest of the cast is quite good, and the villain's plot is pretty cool.

I transferred my own VHS copy to DVD-R a while back, but I have to assume that this Warner Archive transfer is probably a lot sharper. To bad it's not in widescreen, though I'm not absolutely certain what the correct theatrical aspect ratio should be. I'm tempted to order it, but there are a lot of other titles in the WA collection I'd want to get first (like the Lex Barker and Gordon Scott Tarzans).

The retail price is $19.95 and it is only available through the Warner online store.

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ArcLight said...

A favorite of both my dad and myself. I was jazzed when I saw they were putting it out, especially since Dad's birthday is next month. Will be ordering two copies soon.