Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obit: Tony Kendall, R.I.P.

Our man in Sweden, Pidde Andersson, reports:
Tony Kendall died sunday night at the age of 73 after a lengthy bout of cancer.

Kendall (born Luciano Stella) rose to fame in Europe in the mid-sixties as the lead in the movie adaptions of german pulp novel series "Kommissar X". He starred in 54 films over the years (with his last one in 2007), among them The Return of the Evil Dead, The Loreley's Grasp (both part of the "Blind Dead"-series) and Yeti - The Giant of the 20th Century.

Just a few months ago, this last september, Kendall reunited with his friend and "Kommissar X" co-lead Brad Harris and director Gianfranco Parolini (aka Frank Kramer) at an event in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.
Rest in peace, Joe Walker....

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Anonymous said...

Small quibble: the Loreley's Grasp isn't part of the Blind Dead series.