Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spy Vixen Week - Day #7: Elke Sommer

Truly Deadlier Than The Male, statuesque Elke Sommer, a 36-22-36 Teutonic stunner, made a huge impact on 60's spy-fi even though she only really made a small handful of notable appearances in the genre. But as I said before, it only takes a couple of spy-fi credits to qualify as a Spy Vixen on this site.

Of course, one of those credits was the aforementioned 1967 Bulldog Drummond adventure, Deadlier Than The Male where she proved (along with the equally lovely Sylva Koscina) to be a formidable opponent for star Richard Johnson. The same year, she appeared with Robert Vaughn (and Lucianna Paluzzi) in The Venetian Affair, and was the primary femme fatale in Dean Martin's last Matt Helm outing, The Wrecking Crew. She played sexy foil for Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau in A Shot In The Dark and co-starred with Paul Newman in The Prize.

Her IMDb page lists just over a hundred appearances in both European and American productions. I'm most familiar with her spy films and horror roles for director Mario Bava (Danger: Diabolik), but she's acted in almost every film and television genre, including comedy.

Fellow COBRAS comrade Tanner has written quite eloquently about the beautiful Ms. Sommer several times over at his Double O Section blog. Check it out.

Well, this wraps up the first Spy-Fi Channel theme week. I certainly had a pleasant time searching the interweb for just the right photos of these lovely women, and I hope you enjoyed my choices. Like I said in an earlier post - they just don't seem to make unique beauties like these anymore....


Armstrong Sabian said...

Tanner is indeed an Elke Sommer aficionado, but David @ PTK and I are supporters of Sylva Koscina.

There could be worse things to argue about, I suppose!

Robo said...

Put me down for Team Elke. But is she stacking gang signs? I think she may be dissing the Crips in that photo.

Tanner said...

Ha! Yes, I'm definitely an Elke-booster, but almost as much a fan of Ms. Koscina. As a double-act, they're perfection! (But, yeah, Elke would come out on top.)

I'm certainly glad you included her in your Vixen list, Christopher. She's essential! But I don't know about only appearing in a "handfull" of spy-fi films. Besides the fair amount you list already, there was also Daniella By Night, The Corrupt Ones, The Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz, The Invincible Six, The Double McGuffin, and The Swiss Conspiracy (with fellow vixen Senta Berger). Beyond that, there are other things that could qualify tangentially as spy-fi in a pinch, including a number of her heist flicks and The Fantastic Seven with Patrick Macnee. I'd actually call her one of the more prolific spy vixens!