Friday, December 4, 2009

Spy Vixen Week Day #5 - Martine Beswick

Friday's seductive siren is the always memorable Martine Beswick. Though a veteran of two James Bond films, Martine's spy-fi credits are relatively slim. Still, with appearances on Danger Man and It Takes A Thief, plus those aforementioned 007 roles, I've decided to include her. Hell, it's my list, after all.

A tall, striking, raven-haired beauty, Martine was frequently cast as "bad girls" - especially when those bad girls were required to be scantily-clad. She was a savage cavegirl in Hammer's One Million Years B.C. and the imposing leader of a tribe of brunette amazons in the same studio's Prehistoric Women. She was even the ultimate femme fatale as Ralph Bates' seductively evil female alter ego in Doctor Jeckyll and Sister Hyde!

But it's her small but unforgettable roles as a fiery, catfightin' gypsy girl in From Russia With Love and as Sean Connery's luscious bikini-clad assistant Paula in Thunderball, that secure her position here as one of the Sixties' premiere Spy Vixens.


Johny Malone said...

Toxic beauty!

Pidde said...

I realize I've seen way too few European spy movies. Okay, Something Weird sent me a whole bunch of them ten years ago, but most of their versions were so scratchy and had faded colors, so I only watched a handful of them.
Somebody ought to write a book on these movies.
Are you the man?

Christopher Mills said...

There is such a book: THE EUROSPY GUIDE by Matt Blake & David Deal.