Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spy Vixen Week - Day #2: Margaret Lee

Sexy blonde bombshell Margaret Lee was a prominent Eurospy siren, who appeared in such continental cloak-and-dagger thrillers as From The Orient With Fury (with Ken Clark's 077), Murder for Sale (with John Gavin's OSS 117), Secret Agent Super Dragon (with Ray Danton's, uh, Super Dragon) and Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die, among many, many others.

In fact, skimming her IMDb page gives one the impression that she was European producers' first choice for any and all spy-fi films produced on the continent between 1964 and 1968!

It's no surprise, really, because she was not only gorgeous, but charismatic and charming as well, with sex appeal to spare. And although I've only ever seen her on film with her voice dubbed, she seemed to be a pretty fair actress, too.

It's rather surprising that Eon Productions never tapped her for a Bond film, actually....


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Jay Amabile said...

DAMNNNN! She's a hottie. I've never heard of her so thank you for introducing her to me!

Baskingshark said...

Great photo!

Margaret Lee was born in the surprisingly unexotic place of Wolverhampton, England and her real name as Margaret Gwendolyn Box. She moved to Italy and made sword and sandal epics, comedies, eurospy flicks and gialli as well a few British and international things like Circus of Fear and TV's The Protectors.

She was fluent in Italian as well as English and seems to have dubbed herself in many of her films - in Arriva Dorellik she sings an awesome Italo-pop lounge song entitled Crash Sci Sci Patapum and depending on which print you're watching, you can hear her sing it in both Italian and English.

Margaret quit movies in the mid-seventies, made a couple more in the early eighties, but then stopped again. She now either lives in Italy or the UK.

Mirko said...

She was considered as Tatiana Romanova in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, the role which eventually made Daniela Bianchi famous...I think Lee lost the pivotal part since they didn't want a british girl for Tania. but Lee deserved to be a Bond Girl