Friday, October 23, 2009

Weekly Debriefing 014

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• Finished watching the fourth season of Get Smart. Having Max and 99 actually get married was a bold move, and allowed the writers to play around a bit with the series format and bring a little "domestic humor" to the show. Obviously, the dynamic between Don Adams and Barbara Feldon changed somewhat, too. I also noticed that there was less repetition of classic Smart bits in Season 4, unlike earlier seasons, where every episode seemed to have a "cone of silence" gag or a "would you believe?" routine.

Good stuff, and it really demonstrates just how far off the mark last year's Steve Carrell version was. I'm looking forward to the retail release of Season Five.

• My weekly Bond movie marathon hits week 23 today with For Your Eyes Only on Blu-Ray. It's my favorite Roger Moore movie (though I really enjoyed viewing Moonraker in hi-def last Friday), so I'm looking forward to watching it again this evening.

• I also finally got around to rewatching OSS 117: Murder For Sale with near-Bond John Gavin. Look for a review here soon.

INTEL: I never watched the show, but according to TV Shows on DVD, the 1980s spy-fi series Scarecrow And Mrs. King, starring Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson, will probably be hitting DVD in 2010.

As I said above, I never watched it. Was it any good? I liked Boxleitner on Babylon 5 and the old Bring 'Em Back Alive show -not to mention TRON! - so I'm curious.

C.O.B.R.A.S. News: The cabal continues its world domination plans with the addition of yet another blog to its ranks. Welcome to Paul Baack and the rest of the crew at the HMSS Weblog. The blog is an adjunct of the Her Majesty's Secret Servant webmagazine, probably the finest online 007 fanzine around.

• Anyway, that was my week. How was yours?

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John Platt said...

I watched Scarecrow religiously when I was a kid. I have doubts about returning to it as an adult. But I'll let you figure out how it stands up!