Monday, October 12, 2009

The New Men From C.O.B.R.A.S.

I may not have had much time for Spy-Fi blogging of late, but that doesn't mean that my fellow COBRAS (Coalition Of Bloggers wRiting About Spies) have been slacking off. Just check out the blogroll at left and check out their sites for the best in spy-fi news, reviews and opinion.

And speaking of that blogroll, there's a few new additions to the list, as the COBRAS organization welcomes several new members to its ranks.

So, join us in welcoming the UK's Rob Mallows of the Deighton Dossier, Argentina's Johny Malone and his Una Plaga de Espias, and Philippe Lombard of France, proprietor of Quantum Of Bond.

Clearly, the COBRAS are well on their way to world domination, with agents in the US, UK, Argentina, France and Australia... so far.

1 comment:

Johny Malone said...

Thank you very much by the mention of my blog. I hope that our relation as COBRAS is fruitful.