Friday, August 28, 2009

Weekly Debriefing 011

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• Been watching Joss Whedon's Dollhouse on DVD through Netflix. Not bad, but not quite the show I thought it was going to be, either. I'm a bit more than halfway through Season 1, and mildly intrigued, certainly enough to want to see the rest of the season.

• With the covert cooperation of fellow COBRAS, Tanner, I also obtained copies of and watched the Eurocrime flicks Kriminal and Mark of Kriminal. I considered this research for my Skorpion project. I enjoyed both movies a great deal, and was impressed at how slick and polished the productions were. Of course, the both co-starred the lovely Helga Line (in Kriminal she even played twins!), so that increased the entertainment value considerably.

• This week's All-Bonds-In-Order Friday night feature was the 1967 Casino Royale. It's the first time I've watched it all the way through in probably fifteen years, and the very first time I've seen the entire film in widescreen. (I have the first MGM DVD, not the newer special edition.)

I will say that I found it slightly funnier than I remembered, chuckling more often and even laughing out loud once or twice. Afterwards, I told my wife that I'd never ask her to sit through it again, but she surprised me by admitting that she "didn't hate it."

• No spy-fi purchases this week, nor have I begun reading any espionage novels. I hope to finish a couple of overdue assignments this weekend, so hopefully I'll have a bit more time next week to devote to this blog's theme.

How was your week?

End Transmission.

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Jason Whiton said...

Casino Royale is an odd experience, I think, but I love many sequences for the sets and costumes. And what a great cast!