Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Debriefing 008-009

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Well, really, I've got virtually nothing to report. Since the beginning of August, I've been devoting most of my time to catching up with writing and editing assignments, and have had very little time to indulge in my various pop culture obsessions.

One rare exception is that my wife and I have started watching all of the 007 films in order, one each Friday. Tonight the feature is Goldfinger on Blu-Ray. I'm really looking forward to seeing it in hi-def, especially considering how amazing Dr. No and From Russia With Love look on their respective Blu-Ray discs.

• In other random notes, I've been listening to the internet radio station A Fistful Of Soundtracks a lot on iTunes these days while I'm working. It's a great channel devoted solely to film/television scores and songs, and they play an awful lot of spy music (right this second they're playing "Deep Deep Down," from Danger: Diabolik). It's a great station, and I highly recommend it.

• Yesterday I received the latest DVD in Synapse Films' 42nd Street Forever series of exploitation film trailers. Both Volume 4 and Volume 5 include a few rare Eurospy trailers. Vol. 5 includes trailers for Lightning Bolt and James Tont Operation O.N.E., which features a wonderful theme song about a guy named "Goldsinger!"

• This week, I'll make a point of at least watching and posting another A Man Called Sloane episode review, 'cause I know you're all eagerly awaiting it. Maybe I can squeeze in a Nick Carter or Butler paperback, too.

How was your week, agents?

End Transmission.

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Jimmy J. Aquino said...

Thanks for plugging my station, which I've been running since 2002. I'm always amused by descriptions of A Fistful of Soundtracks as "they" when it's really only a staff of one, and it's more "it" than "they"--when I set the station to go to shuffle mode, it plays whatever it wants, and yes, I put a lot of spy score cues on the "Assorted Fistful" playlist. Can't get enough of 'em.