Monday, August 3, 2009

Spy-Fi poll 007: Results

Ironic that this was poll number 007, as the question at hand was about one of the more successful and well known spy-fi film series to follow in James Bond's cinematic footsteps.

The question was: "Which Dean Martin Matt Helm movie was the best?"

Now, while the character portrayed by Dean Martin in these four flix may bear no resemblance to the tall, thin, rugged outdoorsman of Donald Hamilton's excellent paperback novels, there is still much to enjoy in the Matt Helm movies. The comic book plots and Rat Pack-flavored humor can be fun, and the feminine eye candy on display is frankly exquisite.

The first movie in the series, The Silencers, won this one in a landslide with ten out of sixteen votes going to it. In second place was the second movie, Murderer's Row, with four. The final film in the four-flick series, The Wrecking Crew, picked up two. The Ambushers, the third and least of the Matt Helm quartet garnered no votes at all.

I voted for Murderer's Row. I like the Riviera setting (even if Dean never actually went there), I like the hovercraft chase, and I really like watching Ann-Margaret go-go dance. So sue me. The Silencers is right up there too, mostly because of the presence of spy-fi vixen Dalia Lavi.

By the way – in a distantly related note, apparently Steven Spielberg has passed on directing the new Matt Helm film. Oh well.

Anyway, no poll this week because I can't think of any questions. It's been a rough few days, which also accounts – in part – for my decreased activity here. Anyway, if I should come up with an interesting question (And I'm open to suggestions!) between now and then, I'll post a new poll next Monday.

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Kevin Findley said...

I don't know, The Wrecking Crew is the only Helm film that ever stuck with me over the years.

As far as polls go, which spy has the best Girl Friday perhaps? Moneypenny might be the odds on favorite, but Fionna knows how to make C4 in the kitchen sink!