Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekly Debriefing 007

Begin Transmission:

• Picked up the 2002 I Spy movie from Wal-Mart's bargain DVD bin the other night. After the last poll about 60s remakes/reimaginings, I realized that I hadn't seen this one. Mostly because I'm a very big fan of the original series. Well, I broke down, bought it and watched it last night.

Overall, I found it entertaining, although I couldn't much stand Eddie Murphy's character. I also can't quite grasp why Hollywood thinks that "buddy movies" have to be based on characters arguing all the time. The original I Spy show portrayed two men as friends who genuinely cared for each other and enjoyed each other's company. You know, like real buddies. And they even managed to be funny without forced, artificial conflict. Of course, writing insults and arguments is a lot easier than genuinely witty dialogue.

I did like that generally, Owen Wilson's spy wasn't a total incompetent, just under-appreciated and poorly equipped. Several times in the course of the story, he used his brains to get out of tough situations, and that was refreshingly different. And, of course, I enjoyed Famke Janssen, but I always enjoy Famke Janssen.

• My only other spy-fi purchase this week was the soundtrack CD for the movie Johnny English. After re-watching the movie a couple weeks ago, I decided that Edward Shearmer's musical score would make a good addition to my Spy-fi hi-fi collections, so I ordered a copy online.

• I expect to receive my Dr. Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine disc next week. I'm looking forward to watching it. I also expect to finish reading the spy paperback I'm in the middle of. It's weird. I'll review it when I wrap it up.

How was your week?

End transmission.


Armstrong Sabian said...

Just after confessing disappointment to my wife over this week's episode of Burn Notice, I got an email that I'd won the first two seasons of Burn Notice on DVD, which makes me glad that I'd been putting off buying those. I also picked up The Third Man and Army of Shadows at the B&N Criterion sale.

Those successes almost make up for my general exhaustion, minor league rainouts, and an apparent ear infection that I've been growing. Almost.

Tanner said...

I actually also like the I Spy movie. I certainly find it the least offensive of all the ones on your poll, I think, including the original M:I. Sure, M:I is a much better MOVIE than I Spy, but in terms of respectfully handling the original material it fails big time with what it does to Phelps. Now, I Spy completely reimagines the characters and reverses their races, but at least they don't make either of them a bad guy. I just found I Spy to be an enjoyable Owen Wilson spy movie. I love how much HE clearly loves being a spy. His enthusiasm is contagious. And I love the way he says "stakeout" and the meaning that word acquires. And I love Famke Janssen, of course. It's BY NO MEANS a great movie, but it was fun enough. I enjoyed it more than the Get Smart movie, which swiped its plot wholesale from I Spy and Johnny English! (Which, by the way, is a great score. I often listen to it when I'm writing.)