Wednesday, July 15, 2009


These are the opening titles – designed by Maurice Binder – from the 1967 spy caper Fathom, starring Raquel Welch and Tony Franciosa.

Actually, I've never seen this movie, and when Fox released it on DVD some years ago alongside the two Flint flix and Modesty Blaise, I passed on it for some forgotten reason. It's now out of print, so, of course, I recently decided I wanted to add it to my DVD library. Last week, I ordered a used copy from an online dealer, and had hoped to have received it by now so I could review it here on the Spy-Fi Channel... but it hasn't shown up yet.

Maybe tomorrow.

UPDATE JULY 16: It did show up today. Review forthcoming!

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Armstrong Sabian said...

I too have been longing to see this. I passed on this DVD when it was in the $3.88 bin, not realizing what it was. Now, I kick myself.

I'm looking forward to your review!