Monday, July 27, 2009

Spy Fi Poll 006: Results

Last week's question was "Which James Bond continuation author handled Ian Fleming's creation the best?"

The voting was fairly close, with fifteen spy-fi visitors voting. Veteran thriller writer John Gardner, who wrote fourteen original Bond novels from 1981's License Renewed to 1996's Cold Fall, as well as the novelizations of Licence To Kill and Goldeneye, garnered the most votes at five.

Raymond Benson, who succeeded Gardner in 1997 with Zero Minus Ten, and went on to pen a half dozen original 007 adventures and three film novelizations, came in a close second with four votes.

One-shot authors Kingsley Amis (Colonel Sun) and Sebastian Faulkes (Devil May Care) tied for third place, with three votes each.

Me, I voted for Amis, because Colonel Sun is my favorite non-Fleming Bond novel. I enjoyed Gardner's earliest 007 books, but they always seemed thin on characterizations, especially in the case of Bond himself. In fact, I felt that most of Gardner's novels could have featured any secret agent; Bond was pretty much a cypher.

I very much enjoyed Benson's books, and felt that they would have made exciting films. They, like Christopher Wood's film novelizations, seemed to take the Bond of Fleming's books and drop him down into movie-styled plots. I didn't care for Devil May Care at all, so I can't say I thought much of Faulkes' take on the character.

Anyway, I'd be interested in reading which author you chose and why in the comments.

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Zokko said...

2008 was a bad year for Bond, wasn't it? 'Quantum Of Solace' in the cinemas, and 'Devil May Care' on sale in bookshops. I read the latter twice just to see if it improved on the second reading. It didn't. My vote was for Amis too. A pity he did not write more Bond stories.