Monday, July 13, 2009

Spy-Fi Poll 004: Results

No surprise here. This week's Spy-Fi Poll question was, "Which of John Steed's female partners was your favorite?" With a resounding 90% of the vote, the clear winner was Dame Diana Rigg's Emma Peel.

Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman), Emma's predecessor, and Tara King (Linda Thorson), Emma's successor, each garnered a single vote, tying them to a distant second place. Purdey (Joanna Lumley) of The New Avengers, didn't manage a single vote (although, personally, she's my second favorite "Steed girl.").

I voted for the lovely Mrs. Peel, myself. There's no question that when most spy-fi fans think of The Avengers, it's Steed & Mrs. Peel that first come to mind, no matter how capable and attractive the other distaff Avengers may have been. It was Emma Peel, with her fighting leathers and mod outfits, her wry charm and insouciant wit, that set the mold and style for female spies of the era and beyond. Even today, a black leather catsuit is the default uniform for any pop culture spy gal, from comics like Danger Girl to Mimi Rogers and Elizabeth Hurley in the first Austin Powers parody.

Thanks to everyone that voted, and check out the new poll in the sidebar.


Jason Whiton said...

Yay for Mrs. "man-appeal" Emma Peel! I didn't vote in time but she certainly wins in my book, as well. I enjoy what the other characters brought to the show, and to Steed's nuances, but Mrs. Peel managed to be both Spy Vibe cool, super smart, and so very witty- all with an authentic depth and honesty that is lacking when modern actresses try to force it.

This new vote has me stumped. The worst re-make? I am torn between WWW and ISpy. Can't wait to see how the voting turns out. And I hope some smarter re-makes will come to us someday- or better- that we get to write the smarter re-makes :)

Armstrong Sabian said...

I will admit that I voted for Emma, but changed my vote to Cathy Gale when it looked as though she wouldn't get any votes. She was as much Steed's equal as Emma, was tough (a judo master!), and even wore the leather suit first. If the quality of the episodes she was in was better (both in terms of film, and in hitting the confident surrealist stride that the Emma episodes did), we might today be asking, Emma who?

Divicenzo said...

We might - but we're not! Ha! I like Cathy/ Honor but she disn't draw me in like Emma/ Diana who is absolutely irreplaceable - in my life , at least :-)

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Jason Whiton said...

One thing I like about the Cathy episodes is that she has a love/weary relationship to Steed's edgier character in the early stories. She sees through his charm and alludes to a ruthlessness in him that is interesting- especially in contrast to where the show went as it continued.

Tanner said...

I voted for Emma. How could I not? She's probably the main reason I'm as into spies as I am! But I think it would be really interesting to see you run another poll, Christopher, asking who your favorite Avengers Girl BESIDES Emma is! That might produce interesting results. (Or maybe not.) I even like Venus Smith!