Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spy-Fi Poll 003: Results

Well, it looks like youth and attitude has once again won out over class and experience, with the results of the latest Spy-Fi Poll. This week's question was: "If your life was in danger, which of these ex-spies would you call for help? Robert McCall (The Equalizer) or Michael Westen (Burn Notice.)"

Early voting showed the two former secret agents-turned Samaritans neck and neck, but in the last couple of days, Miami's "burned" operative, Michael Westen (played by Jeffrey Donovan) pulled ahead to a pretty definitive victory over Robert McCall, (played by Edward Woodward), the self-styled "Equalizer."

Fifteen votes were cast. Westen received nine, while McCall garnered six.

Me, I voted for McCall. He's got more experience, more resources, and his plans usually result in far less property damage than Westen's. Like Westen, he's shown an aptitude for MacGyver-like improvisation in turning common household items into lethal weapons, but he's also got more than two operatives he can call on for back-up. In the first season alone (the only one on DVD so far), he's got at least a half-dozen other moonlighting pros he can bring in to help him in his operations.

I can see the appeal in Westen, though. He's young, handsome, presumably has faster reflexes, and while his "assets" may be limited, both Sam and Fiona are extremely competent – and likable – in their own rights. Unlike McCall, though, his operations tend to result in explosions and, because he can't actually put any bad guys behind bars, the people he's helped often have to leave town and assume new identities away from Miami.

So, while I'd certainly rather hang out with Sam Axe in a Miami safehouse with a case of beer than hole up in a loft in Manhattan with one of McCall's brooding spook pals, I think that The Equalizer would probably be more likely to protect my life while still leaving me a little life left to enjoy.

Feel free to share your reasons for why you voted the way you did in the comments, and check out the new poll in the sidebar.


Armstrong Sabian said...

1. The Equalizer is now a member of the Neighborhood Watch Association in Sanford, Gloucestershire. And I'll be honest, I don't trust them.

2. I think I'd rather hang out with Fiona in a Miami safehouse with a case of beer than Sam Axe.

Christopher Mills said...

Fiona scares me. I like sexy/crazy, but...

jaguar007 said...

Hey, if you have The Equalizer protect you, you might get lucky enough to go for a ride in his Jag!