Saturday, July 18, 2009

Intel: Alex Rider Will Return in CROCODILE TEARS

My first Spy-Fi Intelligence Item – and of course, I cribbed it from fellow COBRAS colleague Paul Bishop. I am a big fan of Anthony Horowitz' Alex Rider series – though I respectfully disagree with Paul about it being better than Charlie Higson's Young Bond series – and I'm eagerly looking forward to reading the next installment.

Walker Books has brought forward the publication of the new Alex Rider novel, Crocodile Tears, to this autumn after author Anthony Horowitz delivered the manuscript earlier than expected. The announcement will be welcome news to the book trade in the run-up to what is expected to be a difficult Christmas on the high street.

The last Alex Rider title,
Snakehead, was published in 2007 and achieved £2m of sales in hardback and paperback (figs from Nielsen BookScan TCM). The eighth Alex Rider novel will now publish on 12th November.

Next year marks the tenth anniversary of Alex Rider. Walker Books’ publishing director Jane Winterbotham said that Horowitz’ family appeal would be the focus of the marketing, sales, PR and events programmes.
"We believe that in a challenging economic climate retail needs its strongest brands more than ever before," she said.


Keith said...

I can't wait for this. I love those Alex Rider books.

bish8 said...

For me, Alex Rider was great right out of the chute. I think Charlie Higson took a while to get hold of the character of Young Bond with the accompanying retro-settig. As a result, Silverfin didn't play nearly as well for me as Alex Rider's first outing, Stormbreaker.

Both series have improved as they've gone alone, and I would be happy to conceed they are currently on par.