Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Review: A MAN CALLED SLOANE - "Collision Course"

The seventh episode of A Man Called Sloane begins with Sloane in London, where he is to meet another UNIT agent at a planetarium. When he arrives, he discovers his contact – an old friend – murdered, with strange markings on his neck. Noticing a beautiful woman apparently fleeing from the scene, he follows, and is attacked by a couple of thugs.

Investigating the agent's death, Sloane discovers that an old adversary, Jefferson Crane (Eric Braeden, The Rat Patrol), a man that Sloane believed he had killed some years before, is behind a plot of cosmic proportions. Using two stolen nuclear missiles, he plans to divert a comet (the fictional Caesar's Comet, which the script would have us believe was first spotted at the time of Julius Caesar's assassination, and which has returned every 100 years) and crash it into the Earth.

Soap opera veteran and popular heavy Braeden makes a satisfactory villain, and Nancy DeCarl, as the dead agent's sister, is a lovely girl of the week, but the story is pretty unspectacular. For one thing, while the script goes to great lengths to emphasize how involved and difficult it was to calculate the comet's trajectory, it also posits that the U.S. military transports nukes around on the back of easily hijack-able trucks. (Actually, stealing nukes is made to look very easy throughout the series!)

Not one of the stronger episodes, unfortunately... though the scene where a bunch of polo players on horseback attack a van containing Sloane, Torque and the girl is both kinda cool and damned weird.

• This episode was written by Stephen Kandel, a frequent contributor to various spy-fi shows, including Mission: Impossible, The Wild Wild West, It Takes A Thief and MacGyver.


Zokko said...

Yes, the 'polo' scene was strange, wasn't it? I loved the fake tailor though! Eric Braeden was also good in the 'Six Million Dollar Man' T.V. movie 'Wine, Women & War' in which he played arms dealer 'Arlen Findletter'.

Anonymous said...

Braeden was also a good as the villain in an "Airwolf" episode, "Birds of Paradise." He is probably best known for "The Young and the Restless," "The Rat Patrol," "Titanic," (1997), and "Escape from the Planet of the Apes." Nancy DeCarl was a sexy villainess in the Buck Rogers episode, "The Plot to Kill a City." She was also in a Magnum p.i. episode, "Computer Date."