Sunday, May 24, 2009

Video: ONCE UPON A SPY (1980)

Here are the opening titles to the 1980 television movie/pilot Once Upon A Spy, starring Ted Danson (just prior to finding stardom on Cheers) and Mary Louise Weller, guest starring Christopher Lee (imagine this) as the villain.

The teleplay is by Hammer Films veteran Jimmy Sangster, who, along with his many horror credits, scripted a number of spy-fi projects, including the 1979 telefilm The Billion Dollar Threat and the 1967 classic Deadlier Than The Male.


RJR said...

Can you believe it? I remember Once Upon a Spt. Also Sloane. Conrad gave up making 2-hour movies about his P.I. character "The Duke," to make Sloane. Questionable decision. I enjoyed The Duke, ex-boxer turned P.I.

Chris, aren't youtoo young to remember these shows?


Anonymous said...

I thought Sloane more than worth giving up 'The Duke' for.