Monday, May 25, 2009

Review: A MAN CALLED SLOANE - "The Seduction Squad"

In the second episode of A Man Called Sloane (although, from the amount of footage in this episode that is incorporated into the series titles, it was probably shot first), "The Seduction Squad," Sloane and Torque are investigating acts of industrial sabotage that threaten the country's defense contractors. Eventually, it turns out that important industrial and military figures have been seduced and hypnotically brainwashed by the supermodel operatives of a slightly fey fashion and cosmetics king played by I Spy's Robert Culp.

Sloane and Torque go through the usual motions here, and aside from an action-packed opening scene featuring Sybil Danning, explosions and a great stunt, it's not a particularly involving episode. The women are pretty hot, though, 80's big hair and all, and Culp's clearly having fun, camping it up as the heavy.

Anthony Eisley, of the Eurospy flick, Lightning Bolt, and Robert Conrad's co-star on Hawaiian Eye, shows up here as a Defense Department bigwig who is brainwashed into nearly starting WWIII.

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NoelCT said...

Robert Culp as a slightly fey fashion and cosmetics king? That alone makes this worth tracking down.